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The point of this challenge
is to actually  use the
content I have been
collecting over the years. 

One of the biggest
problems has always been
where to start, so I have
set up a script to
randomly select models
from my inventory in up to
6 categories which I then
have to use to create an

Software I use::
DazStudio (3D)
Rebelle 3
Paintstorm Studio
Marvelous Designer (3D)
Another way for me to get my creativity sparked, is to make images for specific contests.  Renderosity, DAZ and Hiverwire3D all have contests regularly, some with very nice rewards. 
March Random Challenge
March Random Challenge
Each of these DAZ Studio products must be used in some way to create an image.
Character: Saylor V4, Hair: Dark Wolf Hair, Clothing: Swamp witch,, Architecture: Castelguarde, Pose: Stephanie 5 Poses
Steph's Submission
Steph's Submission
Kari's Submission
Kari's Submission
April/May Random Challenge
April/May Random Challenge
Steph April/May
Steph April/May
Kari April/May
Kari April/May
4 versions of Kari's submission
I got my daughter hooked on 3D
characters and animation!   Now
she is  planning on making a
career of it.  

While school is out, I got her to
agree to participating in my
Random  challenge.  The idea is to
see what we each come up with
using the same base models.  
Mother-Daughter Challenge